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The Secret of Former Celebrity Addicts

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Methadone, while not as infamous as other drugs as heroin or cocaine, still poses a danger to individuals who seek to use it for its pain-reducing effects or for treatment in opioid dependency.  Methadone is an example of an opioid – these are substances that produce effects similar to morphine which basically numbs the pain receptors. Essentially, methadone is another type of painkiller.

 Methadone was first developed in Germany in the late 1930s by chemists Gustave Ehrhart and Max Bockmuhl, which was then approved for use in the US in the late 1940s. 

And by the 2010s, around 41,400 kilograms are manufactured yearly.  And since then, methadone is one of the more popular drugs for reducing muscular pain.


Addiction to Pain Medication

But despite its use in hospitals, individuals who use methadone for themselves often end up abusing them resulting in minor symptoms such as dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, and vomiting.  Fortunately, a simple methadone detox can help users get off meth fast over this addiction with enough time. Excessive usage can result in decreased breathing, abnormal heart problems, and worst of all, death.


A History of Celebrities Getting Caught With Meth

In the world of movies and music, some celebrities use pain medication such as methadone to treat bodily pains for long periods of time. Like before, methadone detox is one of the many solutions for overcoming methadone addiction. But with constant usage, it would eventually lead to addiction.

One of the more popular names for individuals who overcome painkiller addiction is Paula Abdul, who you may know as among the former judge of the now defunct TV show American Idol. Abdul revealed that her addiction lasted for over 12 years, and it began as a simple treatment for her back surgeries.

methadone detox

But how do these celebrities overcome these crippling addictions that would otherwise sink their careers? While many would undergo programs and treatments to detoxify their bodies of their addiction, others would prefer a simple lifestyle change and discipline to move past said addictions.

For example, Angelina Jolie recovered from her addiction to LSD by changing her diet to eating healthier foods such as vegetables and sushi.  Or Kelly Osbourne, who used dancing to help ease her mind from her past drug usage.  Or Nicole Richie, a hard-working mother whose busy job combined with her healthy diet and strict exercise schedule has helped keep her mind and body busy.  Or Jamie Lee Curtis whose remedy for her addiction to painkillers,  which is caused by her negative body image,  decided to make a lifestyle change,  eating right and exercising frequently.


Treatment for Methadone Addiction

In essence, the secret of these former celebrity drug users is more than just a simple trip to the clinic or spending money on costly treatments and/or drugs to counter drug problem. In the end, it’s all a matter of eating healthy, regular exercise, and discipline to stick to your schedule is key in overcoming addictions to drugs such as methadone.  And with enough time and effort methadone detox is easier than you would initially believe.

Britain’s Rangers Football Club Confirmed Official Energy Partner

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Football is a game of immense skill and athleticism and to keep the players rejuvenated and working, energy drinks companies have often tied up with the football clubs as their official energy partners. This serves a two-way purpose- of giving the brand a global exposure in terms of advertisements while also striking the relational cord with the people by providing the re-energizing energy drinks to the players. In one such recent deal, BRITAIN’S pay-as-you-go vitality supplier, Utilita Energy customer service, has been affirmed as Official Energy Partner for the 2016/17 season.img1

This association between the FC and the energy drink company will see Utilita Energy extra subsidizing its way into the club’s Youth Academy program, a much coveted program when it comes to the British FCs and a great platform to advertise its products. For each Rangers fan who joins utilizing selective promo code ‘Officers’, Utilita Energy will give £25 to the club’s childhood program. This added incentive of social cause to the bigger goal of football promotion and sponsorship gives Utilita Energy customer service the extra edge in advertising and makes it touch the emotional cords of the millions of people who come to watch the games every year. Furthermore, every fan will likewise get a free and selective restricted release Rangers keen meter In-Home Display cover – and a tariff which is to be less expensive than the Big 6. Learn More

Moreover, they will have a season long opportunity to join a selected club where individuals can win “cash can’t purchase”. Rangers experience including a possibility of winning an outing to the Rangers Training Center to watch the principal group being put through their paces, mascot openings, tickets, marked stock and a large group of other astounding giveaways.

A lot of interest has been shown by the company’s top management who believe that football is a growing phenomenon and a tremendous sport to get associated with, both with the intention of brand building as well as that of attracting newer and a mixed genre of the crowd. The Utilita Energy Customer service has planned a string of ads featuring the best players from the football club endorsing the drinks and a host of offers which would be seasonal, in order to attract the maximum people. Also, a few new products have been under speculation, which would be specifically served on the grounds and select merchandise which would be made available only in fixed outlets or retail shops, to maintain exclusivity and increase desire.


Energy drinks’ association with sports has gone back to decades when the likes of Pepsi and Coke started sponsoring tournaments. With the growing popularity of the sport and the numbers which the sport attracts, it is only natural that Utilita Energy Customer service would want to partner with a club to increase its market penetration and showcase its brand. The team and the club management also seem very happy with the partnership as the deal has been a very lucrative one and with energy drinks being one of the major on field refreshments, the sponsorship by such a known brand has actually been beneficial for the club.

Hours In Front Of Tube Leads To Weight Gain

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With the increasing awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy life, everyone is in a rush to secure a healthier lifestyle that guarantees a state of general well-being. For most people, a healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy and exercising more regularly. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle entails identifying and tackling a broad range of potential health risks. Watching too much television is one such potential health hazard often ignored due to its seemingly harmless nature.

Over the years, numerous studies have conclusively established a direct relationship between excessive tv viewing and weight gain. This has driven many people to seek ways of managing their tv watching habits while others have devised ways of keeping fit while still enjoying their extensive tv programming. Such clever tactics include using weight loss supplements such as Nutra Forskolin. Anyone interested in this technique can view the TrySkinnyPills Review of Nutra Forskolin online and easily access all the relevant information.

Watching too much tv can drive weight gain due to several reasons. The most obvious are that it encourages a sedentary lifestyle spent in front of the screen. Since tv watching is inherently a passive activity that does not physically engage the viewers, the viewers are free to grab a snack during their viewing hence adding calories that are slowly expanded. These excessive calories can be physically exercised. Furthermore, excessive tv viewing also robs one of the time to prepare a healthy meal. In such a case, meals are commonly deficient of important nutrients that the body vitally requires. This habit is commonly associated with interrupted sleep especially among children and adolescents who stay up late mesmerized by the tv screen.

To prevent weight gain associated with tv watching, a change in the tv watching habits is necessary. A clever way for avid tv viewers to maintain their viewing habits while still burning calories is through the use of weight loss supplements. Nutra Forskolin is one such supplement that achieves this task by using Forskolin root extracts as the main ingredient to naturally boost the body’s metabolism hence speedy burning of the body’s accumulated fats. It’s manufacturers hail it as a quick, natural and easy way to lose weight and achieves a trim body. For additional information, one can browse and try Nutra Forskolin to determine its suitability with one’s situation. Even one hour of TV can cause weight gain.

Another approach is to change one’s tv watching habits by reducing the hours spent in front of the tv and substituting with physically engaging activities such as walking or swimming. Since this is a personal commitment, one is expected to be conscious of the hours spent watching the tv. Measures such as removing the tv from the bedroom can also reduce tv viewing especially during the night and facilitate better sleep.

If one finds it difficult to reduce the tv watching hours and does not prefer using Nutra Forskolin, one can then opt to be conscious about their dietary habits during their viewing. Also, performing exercises such as squats during commercial breaks or watching the tv while walking on a treadmill have also proven to be effective methods.

Deciphering nonesense in Films

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Have you ever watched a kung fu hero beat up a room full of villains and said to yourself, “No Way”? You may have read some martial arts movie reviews where the writer explains to you how the actor is a real martial artist so it has to be legit right? Well not really, the closest you will get to legitimate fight scenes are Tony Jaa’s Movies.  Mostly due to the notion of blows actually making contact in real life, even then when he takes on a whole hoard of enemy’s they come at him one at a time –  not very realistic.

Unfortunately, most of those amazing martial arts fighting scenes you’ve dreamed about do not exist, because it is just way too extreme and far fetched.

Gun Kata

An awesome way to kick some real butt first showed up in the movie Equilibrium, where Actor Christian Bale uses it to kill almost everyone. It may have also appeared in the spiritual sequel, Ultraviolet, directed by Kurt Wimmer.

The Gun Kata is a gun treated as a total weapon, you shoot a lot of people with it and pistol whips them with it. It is a maximum kill zone and causes damage to a number of “bad guys.” It keeps the “good guy” safe, nobody can cause them harm. It works fully on the notion of awesome poses.

But does it really work in real life?

In most cases where people actually survive a gun fight, they take cover instead of dodging the bullets.  But there have been a few martial artists that have created something similar to the Gun Kata.


The Moq’bara from Star Trek is practiced by Klingons everywhere, because a warrior culture only has one fighting style. Depending on the choreographer it may be a simple version of tai chi, an up close and personal punching fest, or just simple boxing. Sometimes it involves the interesting looking sword called, Batleths.

But does it really work?

It actually works pretty well. Star Trek didn’t invent their own style of martial arts, most of their fight scenes use a method of fighting that can be learned at a dojo.

fighting on bambooRunning on bamboo

The most memorable instance of this is in crouching tiger hidden dragon where you can see the characters jumping ridiculous high and jumping from branch to branch with effortless grace..

 Is it legit?

In short No, While bamboo is strong it is not that strong and it also flexes, this is a classic case of Chinese whispers – where someone who may have been really talented almost becomes god like the more time the story gets told.


Ryu and Ken from the series, made popular by the game –  Street Fighter learned this style from Gouken, who had strived to create a less violent version of martial arts. The hadoken, a technique that lets a fighter unleash a deadly ball of energy that can fly about 15 miles an hour at your opponent.

Is this possible?

No, a human being cannot hurl a flaming ball of fire at their opponent.  (duh)


In the film Gymkata, Kurt Thomas plays an Olympic gymnast who mixes gymnastics with martial arts. It has actually been ranked the 17th worst movie of all time.

But does it really work?

This can be defeated by simply just staying away from a pommel horse and not charging at a flying spin kick.

Put it this way, movies are for entertainment, sometimes real life is just too boring so they basically to exaggerate  or even have to make stuff up.