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Britain’s Rangers Football Club Confirmed Official Energy Partner

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Football is a game of immense skill and athleticism and to keep the players rejuvenated and working, energy drinks companies have often tied up with the football clubs as their official energy partners. This serves a two-way purpose- of giving the brand a global exposure in terms of advertisements while also striking the relational cord with the people by providing the re-energizing energy drinks to the players. In one such recent deal, BRITAIN’S pay-as-you-go vitality supplier, Utilita Energy customer service, has been affirmed as Official Energy Partner for the 2016/17 season.img1

This association between the FC and the energy drink company will see Utilita Energy extra subsidizing its way into the club’s Youth Academy program, a much coveted program when it comes to the British FCs and a great platform to advertise its products. For each Rangers fan who joins utilizing selective promo code ‘Officers’, Utilita Energy will give £25 to the club’s childhood program. This added incentive of social cause to the bigger goal of football promotion and sponsorship gives Utilita Energy customer service the extra edge in advertising and makes it touch the emotional cords of the millions of people who come to watch the games every year. Furthermore, every fan will likewise get a free and selective restricted release Rangers keen meter In-Home Display cover – and a tariff which is to be less expensive than the Big 6. Learn More

Moreover, they will have a season long opportunity to join a selected club where individuals can win “cash can’t purchase”. Rangers experience including a possibility of winning an outing to the Rangers Training Center to watch the principal group being put through their paces, mascot openings, tickets, marked stock and a large group of other astounding giveaways.

A lot of interest has been shown by the company’s top management who believe that football is a growing phenomenon and a tremendous sport to get associated with, both with the intention of brand building as well as that of attracting newer and a mixed genre of the crowd. The Utilita Energy Customer service has planned a string of ads featuring the best players from the football club endorsing the drinks and a host of offers which would be seasonal, in order to attract the maximum people. Also, a few new products have been under speculation, which would be specifically served on the grounds and select merchandise which would be made available only in fixed outlets or retail shops, to maintain exclusivity and increase desire.


Energy drinks’ association with sports has gone back to decades when the likes of Pepsi and Coke started sponsoring tournaments. With the growing popularity of the sport and the numbers which the sport attracts, it is only natural that Utilita Energy Customer service would want to partner with a club to increase its market penetration and showcase its brand. The team and the club management also seem very happy with the partnership as the deal has been a very lucrative one and with energy drinks being one of the major on field refreshments, the sponsorship by such a known brand has actually been beneficial for the club.

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