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Top Canadian Renovation Shows

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Each and every other night, Canadian families are glued on their TVs watching the amazing episodes of shows that do home renovations in Vancouver. Through these reality television shows, few and selected families get their homes to be designed and renovated by top design professionals, often for free. These home renovation television shows comes at the backdrop of the fact that Canadians are generally in love with fix-ups and renovation, rather than building a home from scratch. This habitual perspective of being contented with home renos has tremendously elevated renovation television shows to higher levels. This article take a profound look at the two best Canadian and Vancouver home renovation television shows.

Love It or List It Vancouver

Generally speaking, Love It or List It Vancouver is a home renovations Vancouver television show that is airing on W Network. This reality show, which is hostedLove it or List it Vancouver by Jillian Harris (designer) and Todd Talbot (Realtor), is intended to highlight families who are struggling to suit their needs in unsuitable homes. Love It or List It Vancouver deeply highlights the love that these home owners once had for their homes, which they have now outgrown. It is under such circumstances that these home owners are faced with the dilemma of maintaining their love for their homes or list them.

From that point, it becomes the duty of professional designers such as host Jillian Harris to try reviving the diminishing love and see whether these home owners will fall in love with their homes again or still insist on listing them. These designers deliver show-stopping renovations to these homes, while on the contrary, Realtor such as Todd Talbot try to tempt these home owners with superbly amazing and dreamy homes currently available on the market. It is the emotional roller-coaster involved in the show that keep millions of viewers glued on TV for every episode.

Property Brothers

Property Brothers is another hit reality show based on home renovations in Vancouver, and the rest of Canada. It airs on W Network and is hosted by real-lifeProperty Brothers twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. This outstanding reality show is based on helping home buyers purchase and renovate neglected homes. Drew, who is a real estate agent, thoroughly scouts neglected houses and settles the purchases. His twin brother, Jonathan, who is a qualified and licensed contractor, superbly renovates the houses. The climax of this renovation show comes when these brothers help families find, buy and renovate neglected houses into their dream homes under a strict budget and time.